Professional Past Life Regression Therapy Certification Training Program Course

IAPPLRT acknowledges Certified Professionals and encourages individuals who are seeking to take their current business and practice to a whole new level. With your own website badge from IAPPLRT and Certification for your 3 Month Training, you qualify to be part of a Global Membership that is held exclusively for Professional Past Life Regression Therapist Worldwide. You will receive all Video’s, Manuals, PDF & Audio downloads for your Professional Certification along with your Bonus Membership.

The Professional Certification Training Program is for individuals who:

Are Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Teachers, Coaches, Hypnotherapists, Counselors, Medical Doctors & Nurses, Psychiatrists and Alternative Health Practitioners wanting to bring Therapeutic Approach to Healing Core Issues with Past Life Regression.

  • Help women and men understand their inability to have a happier and more care free life.
  • Assist others in receiving clarity and self-confidence to live purposefully and honestly.
  • Create a practice where your clients become empowered to live their truth, by exposing the issues that have come from other lifetimes that are still influencing their present.
  • Wanting to have clear boundaries and healthy relationships with family, friends and intimately.
  • Are wanting to fulfill a deep desire to be of purpose and of service to the world.
  • Want a powerful practice and upgrade your current business and marketing.
  • Desire a future of possibilities that are filled with abundance, opportunity, healthy relationships and know how on where to begin and how to follow through.
  • Wanting a step by step program where you are being taught ancient wisdom and tools that empower you today ahttp://pastliferegressiontraining.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=7&action=editnd will help your current issues.
  • Need a Holistic Authentic Marketing Platform for your career to attract your ideal clients and have a successful practice?
  • “While taking the past life regression course with Deborah Skye I had a major breakthrough during my regression session. My past life regression was very simplistic yet very profound, in that it allowed me to let go of anxiety and post traumatic stress that I had been carrying around for five years! I experienced a major shift in energy during the course which I’m sure my family noticed right away. I felt very blessed to meet Skye and the other participants in the course. I found Skye’s teaching method to be easy to follow and very helpful towards my understanding of regression therapy. As a result of taking the course, I am now able to help others in a safe holistic positive way.”

    What you receive in the Professional Certification Training Program:

    The Professional Certification is a unique Training Program that delivers a complete business in 3 months. You will receive Induction Scripts. Advanced Techniques to bring your clients deep into a regressed state that will comfort them and allow you to be fully confident in your delivery and results.

    You will learn how to build a thriving practice, even if you currently own a studio, center or private practice with up to date marketing know how that can greatly enhance your businesses success for years to come. You will receive “How To Run Your Holistic Past Life Regression Business,” an ebook on the direct application of Authentic Marketing & Client Attraction.

    The Professional Past Life Regression Training Program provides you with ample one on one time with your training instructor, Q & A, online webinars, reports, case studies and media input via the training platform. There in no other program that compares to what you receive here with scientific input, advanced techniques for inductions and case studies to learn from. Full Certification is awarded after practicum.

    You Get: All MP3’s & Training Manuals Value of $800

    All PDF’s Associated with Professional Certification Value $297

    2 x 30 Minute Mentoring Calls Value $350

    1 Past Life Regression Session With Deborah Skye

    Monthly Q & A Calls

    PLUS : You will receive a Website Badge for Certification Approval from The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute

    Full Investment Pay Here

Or Invest In Your Education & Certification In 8 Payments of $250.00 Month (every 30 days)

We look forward to mentoring you and supporting you while you excel in a career that will empower you, give you passion and enlighten your mind while opening up your heart and soul.


Deborah Skye King

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